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Osteopathy is a physical therapy which has been well established as a proven discipline for the improvement of health for well over a hundred years.It is a painless and drug free form of medicine which involves an Osteopath performing various manual techniques to improve the alignment and symmetry of your structure as well as increasing the efficiency of your body's movements. Being in alignment ensures that fluids and nerve impulses can flow freely without hindrance, and these functions directly affect your body's ability to heal itself. Moving efficiently ensures that the level of daily wear and tear on your frame is kept as low as possible. Put simply, if you can heal faster than you can wear your structure, you will heal, and beyond that, you will improve your function in all areas of your life and ensure longevity. It keeps you doing the things you like to do and to take opportunities that come along in life. Alternatively, you can wear yourself down and experience an ever decreasing sphere of existence, giving up the thing you love one by one until feeling utterly frustrated that you are unable to do anything. Simple choice really.

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Naturopathy is as old as life itself. It's chemistry in action. You create the right chemistry under the right conditions and the results are amazing. Whether it be crystal gardens or nylon threads, get the chemistry right and you are creating health. Alternatively, when chemistry goes wrong you get exploding test tubes, toxic waste and dynamite explosions. If we compare the human frame to a test tube, what we put in it will move us in the direction of creating better health or reducing it. Building better health means greater vitality, faster tissue repair mechanisms, better decision making processes. Poor health leads to sustained suffering and poor performance of all tissues and cells, the build up of toxic material within your organs and lethargy. If you aren't thriving, the chances are that you have got your chemistry way out of balance. Naturopathy bring you back into alignment with what your body is designed for and it will thank you for it in ways that have to be felt to be appreciated.

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Corrective Functional Exercise

Getting you into alignment with as much symmetry as possible is a challenge given the years of habits that have gotten us out of shape in the first place. Therefore, along with the physical therapy, you have the option of undergoing an educational process that will teach you how to stand, sit and move corectly through a process of engaging with corrective exercises. You are under no obligation to follow any advice however, the advice is there to maintain and enhance the effects of physical treatment. In short, we can put you right, you have to maintain it or you will simply relapse. These exercises are unusual and challenging as they are aimed specifically at major muscle groups that have not been engaging in your every day movements for a significant amount of time, and it amkes no difference if you are physically active or not. If you aren't recruiting your muscles properly when you exercise, you are simply going to fast forward your arrival to injury and destroy your human framework in the process.

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Corporate Specialist.

Since 2007 we have been working as integrated part of various companies Health and Wellbeing programmes with great success. The current list of clients who utilise this service include: BGL Group, Fusion Contact Services, SGR Racing, Santander, Sun Life, Post Office, Lloyds, Budget, Dial Direct, M&S, Co-op and Halifax.The services we provide are in combination with a deep understanding of how people of all levels, in all types of businesses need to function in order to be effective at work. However, before anyone can do that, they need to function well as a Human Being first and Osteopathy Unlimited does exactly that. Healthy staff are more productive, more creative and more communicative. They also show more initiative when required at every level .whether it be the CEO's, the layers of management, the employees or the support teams of maintenance workers,, reception and security staff, IT, or the canteen staff. And it gets even better than that. The benefits of better health transcend the workplace and continue to improve the lives of the people who choose to embrace it. Those benefits mean people are able to engage in a richer, deeper quality of life outside of the workplace, whether it be playing with their children, continuing with their sport or simply o exist without pain. They will always be grateful to their employer for giving them the greater health. Shared among all levels of employees Osteopathy Unlimited has been shown to raise motivation through staff engagement and, improve communication along and between between all levels of the workplace heirachy. As all people are either working in or on a business, the effects of workplace environments hugely dictates how a person adapts the physical and mental requirements for the ir roles within that environment. The benefits of enjoying breing productive at work is what motivates us to get the best out of everyone and the rewards aren't just healthy, happy staff but healthy, happy people that are better to be around and nicer to be around after they get home from work too. This can work in several ways and a fully detailed model of how things work in addition to testimonials and the opportunity to meet with us to discuss your needs can be facilitated on request.

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Dr Paul Tutleman

Osteopath and Naturopath

My passion lies in helping people to help themselves make better choices so that they can have better quality of experiences. This can take the form of reducing pain, which itself reduces fear and restores the persons quality of life. I believe we are all immensely lucky to be alive and that we should get the most out of our experiences with as much enjoyment as possible. I also believe that we need to feel pain and fear at times, otherwise we would not have the capacity to do so. I am here or there to help people who have had enough of their negative emotions and feelings. As for myself, I am not perfect and do not let anybody tell you otherwise.

  • I have had treatment from Paul at Osteopathy Unlimited and can not speak highly enough of what he has achieved. He is professional, very knowledgeable and takes a thoroughly holistic viewpoint which has helped me regain strength and natural balance that was lost due to prior injuries. This has improved my whole physical well-being and for this I can not thank him enough.

    Stephen, 45.

    Owner and Director SGR Racing.

  • Paul has been providing fantastic Osteopathic treatments to our Sunderland BGL employees and management since 2010 and has made such a great positive impact ro both our employees well-being and ongoing medical conditions. Paul is highly qualified and experienced within his profession and it is clear to see how passionate he is around the treatment he offers. This also extends outside of the treatment room where we often see Paul around the site, talking to staff offering advice and support wherever possible. Paul has many patients who often come to him from month to month and the treatment received not only reduces absenteeism but also enhance well-being. I have had the pleasure of receiving Paul's treatment, support and guidance which has helped me immensely. Paul's consistent dedication and professionalism does not go unnoticed and he has been monumental as our site continues to thrive and go from strength to strength. Many thanks Paul.

    Mark, 48.

    Senior Manager and Head of Site, BGL - Sunderland.

  • 'Words can't express the gratitude I have for the help and support Paul has given me through the very roughest of times. I would not be where I am now without his help and he has the patience of a saint (and is starting to look like one hehe!) Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart.'

    Tracey, 39.

    Full time Mum of 4.

  • Paul has given me back the bliss of pain free nights and I can once more sleep properly. Wonderful sessions that are worth every penny. In fact, I can honestly say that I look forward to sessions with him more than I look forward to my holiday.

    Dean, 49.

    Finance Manager, Lloyds.

  • If I believed in God, I would say that Paul is him. The God of Bodies! And no, he is not Jesus but he does perform miracles!

    Sally, 41.
    Sally, 41.

    Outdoor Skills Educator and Surf Instructor.

1st September 2017

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22nd August 2017